March was SO much fun! We joined a global St. Patrick's Day Project in which we counted the marshmallows in a box of Lucky Charms. I divided one box among my nine classes and totaled our results. Each classroom page has their results and the graphs the students made of their results. Graphing is FUN!!!

February's project is a Valentine card to our parents. You can check it out on the Winter Wonderland Wiki and also on your child's teacher's page.

January's project was "Snowflake Bentley." We learned about Wilson Bentley, who devoted his life to photographing pictures of snowflakes. We created our own flakes here, and saved them. They were then put into a PowerPoint with music.

Second graders are participating in a global wiki! We will do a different project in December, January and February. For December we drew pictures with TuxPaint and sang a Christmas song to go along with them. I've also posted their pictures on their class page. Check out the Winter Wonderland Wiki here.

Springville Elementary Second Graders have been practicing typing into a PowerPoint slide. Click on your teacher's name to see the finished project!